One More Post In This Whole Universe…

Another Post and More to Come

Lately i’ve been working on portraiture, it’s something that i hope to get good at and practice is the only way. In that spirit, i present my cartoonish version of Jason Unruhe (Canadian Blogger, Vlogger, and journalist, Maoist Rebel News).


Also, i recently did one of Canadian Rocker Matthew Good. Keep in mind it isn’t intended to be Matt from 20 years ago which may be a more familiar image to some…


Realized Something


This is one of my primary blogs and yet i rarely post here! Time to fix that. There has been so much going on in the world and in my own life that it’s easy to be distracted but i promise to start posting here more often.


Lately i have been experimenting with some different techniques in painting, let me know what you think. There’s an easy to spot flaw in the first one but the original looks better…

Not for sale - "Candle" is just experimental...

Not for sale – “Candle” is just experimental…


Well – until next time… Ciao


Random Saturday Mornings in Acrylic

After All What is Saturday Morning For?

“Anarcho-Reader” was inspired by a portrait of a self-asserted Emma Goldman fan and very slightly by “Skrik“/ “Der Schrei der Natur“/ “The Scream”  by Edvard Munch. Ultimately it was just for  the hell of it though.



Fine Art America

Being that i mentioned last time, i joined Fine Art America”  - i should also mention it this time. The folks on that site are very nice and i’ve received a number of compliments (especially on my Dervish, “Inside Outside All Around”). Any and Every art lover should really check out their site and support the artists.